The Golden Rule EP

by The Golden Rule

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released April 8, 2009

written + recorded by charlie mcarthur
mastered by josh bonati / bonati mastering
cover art by kate pugsley /



all rights reserved


The Golden Rule Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: In a Field
i‛d like to see you in a skirt out in a field
and you are smiling
because we‛re happy and you know it
and we‛re clapping all the time

you have a funny way of always saying meanings
and sometimes i still just cannot believe it
you are here with me, and i am here with you
Track Name: Summercamp
my current memories of summercamp
are such i know i didn‛t like it
i recall feeling uneasy in a way
that i have not felt too much since those days
in the pool, in a canoe, or on a horse
i always felt a bit left out except when building forts
where i could be alone or with a couple of my buds
we could just have fun and not worry about other junk

maybe i was a weird kid
though not too much has changed since then
i still have very few friends
it‛s more by choice than anything

and then there is the day i had forgotten for so long
robbie and i tossing a frisbee out on the lawn
may have been the wind or a weak arm caused it to stray
by the feet of some older kid it lay
he bent to pick it up, and i jumped on his back
i don‛t know what possessed me to react like that
initially he was just trying to help out
instead he punched me in the mouth
Track Name: Saturday or Sunday
do you ever find it hard to accomplish anything
on your one day off during the week
i‛d rather stay in bed until well after ten
than have to leave the house in the morning

when you‛ve got too much time on your hands
do things lose their usual importance

lately i‛ve had time
most days and every night
with the hours passing by
didn‛t have a chance to write
took all afternoon
going to and from the wash
all our dirty clothes
they were really piling up
Track Name: Something I Can Use
four years might not be a long time
but it‛s enough for me to really find
what it is that i don‛t like

every single day i have to go
to a place that‛s too far from my home
with people i hardly know

everybody seems okay with this
they just want to go home to their kids
and make the best of it

we decided we would like something else
anything that we can make ourselves
won‛t need too much help

is it too much to ask
we don‛t hold ourselves back
from what we know we want
i‛m going back to school
i‛m gonna learn something new
something i can use
Track Name: Now I Hear the Train
moved in close to the train
no longer driving every day
a crowded, bumpy ride
but now i finally have the time
to look around at what‛s outside
i never could before
i always had to drive

for several blurry weeks
i never really heard a thing
now every couple hours
a far away whooshing sound
and i‛m reminded so many things are new
but i don‛t mind them
it‛s easier ‛cause i‛m with you